If only…

If only we were having a proper summer this year – if only I didn’t have to put the heater on in the conservatory in July to stop my fingers freezing to the keyboard (a slight exaggeration)… I’m not sure what I would have accomplished if the weather had been warmer, but it’s nice to think I could have done something to the garden, to take a not entirely random example as I am sitting here looking out at it and thinking about what it might look like if it hadn’t turned itself into a rather appealing area of woodland. Obviously if I could actually bring myself to de-clutter instead of spending time considering it, I could have been at work on that indoors instead, but let’s just try and return to the real world here, please.

Berlin from the river

Berlin – the Dom from our trip boat – blue sky

If only the sky were as blue as it is in the picture of Berlin! I don’t think we’ve had a warm spell since that weekend in May when some members of my family and others made a short Christmas-themed movie for the Edinburgh 48 hour film project. Maybe if I started thinking about Christmas now, the weather would improve as if by magic! However, I know from experience that it doesn’t help in other ways to think about Christmas too far ahead. For one thing, it’s too depressing. For another, any Christmas presents I buy this early will undoubtedly be lost well before it’s time to hand them over. I still haven’t found the presents from last year I put in a ‘safe’ place in between preparing to post them to some of our family and actually posting them.

Someone on one of the writers’ forums has already mentioned Christmas, and I suppose it does make a certain amount of sense to plan a publishing schedule well ahead as Christmas does tend to be a good time for writers. I had thought I wouldn’t be able to fit in a Christmas release this year, but if I could finish the edits for my 19th and 20th books by early September… and put off the 1st World War research I need to do for my NaNoWriMo novel until October… and write like mad… I might be able to manage a ‘Quest’ novella before Christmas. I sort of wrapped up the first part of the ‘Quest’ series with the third one, but I have alwsys intended to write another 3 at some point, so a novella might be a good introduction to that. Watch this space to see how much of a state of chaos my life gets into as a result.


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