Planning a trip to the ends of the earth

Although I’ve written myself into my latest mystery novel ‘Pitkirtly X’, the plot is bowling along nicely and the word count now stands at about 23,000, there are several other things hanging over me. I am still dithering about whether to try and find a professional de-clutterer to help me get the house to the point where I can usually find most things I’m looking for, instead of its current state in which I keep having to buy new things instead of finding the old ones – yes, this did indeed happen one weekend recently, when I failed to unearth any folding chairs and then saw that I could buy two new ones for GBP10 in Tesco’s. There’s also the garden, and the car, but I won’t go on about that any more.

white elephant

Symbolic white elephant

I am also dithering about taking time off work in August when I think the dog I have previously mentioned may be coming to stay again, and about some travel arrangements for a work trip to Thurso. Although the journey takes a while, even from Edinburgh, it wouldn’t be quite so complicated if I hadn’t discovered the train route passes through one of my ancestral dwelling places, on the coast of Sutherland, and that they have somewhere you can go and look at archives there. This discovery has turned what might have been a day and a half long trip into a major expedition during which I will be getting on and off trains at a rate last experienced during my ‘Finland by train’ extravaganza of 2014.

I don’t even know if there will be any recorded trace of my Sutherland ancestors – as far as I know they left there in the 1780s and never went back – but it seems like flying in the face of fate, or something, not to go and have a look while I’m up that way.

Don’t even ask me about the weekend after Thurso – that’s a whole other story.

And as for summer – what summer?! It’s Scotland and it’s July, and that’s all there is to say about it.

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