Between projects no more…

Fortunately I am no longer between writing projects – the arrival of the 1st of June meant it was time to start work on ‘Adventure at the Zoological Park,’ the fourth in my sort-of-Edwardian novella series. I hope to finish this in time to allow me to start on ‘Pitkirtly X’ on the 1st of July. Somehow it feels right to start something new at the beginning of a month. At least this way I won’t be writing two first drafts at once, which I don’t think would turn out well.

Birds of prey day

Birds of Prey day at Edinburgh Zoo

Writing about something so close to home – when we first moved here I used to wake up in the night and hear the lions roaring, but I’ve got used to that now – is strange and slightly unnerving. It’s good in some ways. I can picture the small party of characters going in at the old Zoo gateway, passing the duck ponds and facing the almost vertical climb up towards the polar bear enclosure which was created out of solid rock in time for the opening of the Zoo in 1913. But I still have to use Google to find out whether there were prams in 1914 and what they looked like, and the exact dates of real historical events. There is also the detail about former railway lines and stations. I dread the story being read by someone who really knows about that kind of thing!

I’ve been taking it very easily this weekend because at the end of the week I am setting off on another of my train treks across Europe. Despite having resolved on more than one occasion never to travel by Virgin Trains or Deutsche Bahn ever again, I’m afraid both train companies control vital sections of my route, so I’m having to put myself in their hands again after all. There will be more about this on my ‘trains’ blog later (see link at right of screen) and maybe the odd picture of Berlin here afterwards. Ha! ‘The odd picture’? The last time I visited Berlin, a few years ago, I almost ran out of space on my camera. What I should have been doing this morning is working on my language skills with the help of an app called (over-optimistically) ‘German in a month’. Of course I haven’t now got a month to revive my German, so I fully expect this time next week I will once again find myself unable to ask for the mayonnaise and gherkin to be removed from my cheese sandwich.


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