A different kind of weekend

The times in between writing projects are strange no-man’s-lands. There’s a sort of restless feeling and a sense of meaninglessness about almost every activity. As well as the guilt, of course, that I’m not using this respite to make inroads into the ever-present house and garden tidying that I don’t really have the energy for. Instead I’ve been gallivanting off to the garden show and  trying to improve the running of a charity shop – despite knowing next to nothing about the latter topic. When I say ‘next to nothing’ I actually mean ‘nothing’. It isn’t something I’ve ever consciously thought about before.

In the poison garden

In the poison garden

Saying I’m between writing projects is a wild exaggeration as the next one is always on my mind even if I’m not writing it yet. In fact, I would say it’s more on my mind before I start writing than it will be during the writing process. Only this afternoon at the gardening show, for instance, I was mulling over poison for the next in my mystery series, which I could start as early as July, as well as trying to get a shot of poppies for a possible cover design for this November’s NaNoWriMo project. I’ve also been writing notes for the next in a series of Edwardian novellas. I’m hoping to write it in June, although I may get distracted by some interesting travel which I will report on my trains blog.

Two exciting things have happened since I last posted a new entry here.

One is that I managed to publish the 9th in my mystery series, ‘Death in a Cold Spring’. This link should take you to it:


The other (even more) exciting thing is that my son and his friends have made a short film that has won 6 awards in the 48 hour film project for Edinburgh, including best film. It’s well worth looking at and won’t take long: https://youtu.be/9QCn3GaeIuo


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