Some weekends are like this.

For some reason this has been a weekend for getting things done. I didn’t set out to make it like this; it just happened. Yesterday I started to fix a financial thing that’s been bothering me for years, and held a fairly successful meeting, while today I renewed my theatre subscription, met some friends for lunch and then came home and completed the next phase of editing on my latest mystery novel. This is what the printed copy looked like between my read-through and the end of the edits.

Editing a novel

Final phase edits

I am always amazed by how many weird things I still find in any novel even after going through it several times on my computer and, in this case, adding a whole extra chapter to fill in a hole in the plot. In my read-through this past week, as well as a couple of typos and some clunky sentences, I found that I’d given one character two completely different last names, and also that the events in one chapter couldn’t have happened before these in the following chapter for various reasons. Anyway, they are all allegedly fixed now. I’ve even started a little light formatting to prepare the novel for publication on Kindle. I usually run it through the MS spelling and grammar check too at this point, although I get very frustrated by its attempts to re-structure sentences and to correct words for me. It has a particular aversion to Scottish place-names, although by this time I’ve added some of them (Aucherderran, Aberdour,  Ecclefechan) to its dictionary.

After two weeks of rain and months of cold weather before that, we had a beautiful day here today, and when I went into town I found the tourists and wedding parties were out in force, especially around the Royal Mile. I hadn’t noticed this before but it turns out that wedding parties are even more heedless of where they’re going than tourists or cyclists. They tend to stride along as if they owned the world – I suppose it’s a sort of wedding-induced euphoria. I suppose you need some sort of legal high to fool yourself into marriage.


2 responses to “Some weekends are like this.

  1. Congratulations on having such a productive weekend–here’s hoping a little bit of your productivity rubs off on me. And, yes, it’s certainly bizarre how many mistakes you can find in a manuscript even after several rounds of editing and rewrites. That’s why it’s so important to keep on editing, even long after you think the project is already finished.

  2. Yes – I think it’s just when you think it’s finished that you will always find a few more typos. My run-through with MS Word’s spell-checker got rid of two anyway. I was still slightly worried the plot didn’t make sense even after I’d published, but fortunately one of my early readers has given it a great review.

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