Working against me

A few things have worked against me this past week. I couldn’t use my car, which meant not only going to and from work by bus but taking much longer to get home in the evenings and being too tired to do anything useful when I got here. By ‘anything useful’ I mean some pressing changes I need to make to my current mystery novel. Earlier in the week I thought of a new plot twist, and I’ve been waiting since then for the chance to be able to weave it into the narrative. Yesterday (Friday), my day off work, was taken up with travelling to and from the garage, attending an impromptu meeting, going to the shopping centre to have a preliminary look for a wedding outfit for a family wedding next year*, and calling at the vet for more orange pills for Caspar, the cat not pictured here.

Jacques on chair

Jacques gets in the way

In theory I have all day today to write, but Jacques, anxious as ever to protect me from the overwork and eye strain he obviously fears if I use the computer for too long, settled down for much of the morning on my writing chair. Still, I’ve managed to get to the point where I think I’ve woven in enough threads earlier in the novel to make the new chapter seem like an essential part of the pattern and not a different-coloured patch applied in haste to cover a hole in the fabric.

I’ve decided having Fridays free is the key to my creativity. It’s all very well using Friday to do a whole lot of mundane tasks, as I did this week, and waiting until Saturday or Sunday to write, but somehow it’s only on Friday that I get the sense of freedom and of plenty of time stretching out ahead of me. If I write on Friday and maybe Saturday I can sometimes even bring myself to do housework for part of Sunday. The novelty of the cordless animal vacuum cleaner has not quite worn off yet, although it does have the disadvantage of being so quick and easy to use that I tend to tell myself I don’t have to do the vacuuming just yet because it will only take ten minutes! Even knowing myself as well as I do, I am amazed by my capacity for procrastination.

*It’s against my principles to plan these things too far in advance, but I know it’s going to take me a while to find anything to wear. Or at least, anything that doesn’t look like something the late Queen Mother would have worn.


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