Times a-changing

Now that I look at the heading to this post I’m not sure about the punctuation – should there be an apostrophe instead of the hyphen? Does it count as a quote from a song if the words aren’t quite all there/in the right order? I think what this state of indecision shows is that I’ve been spending too much time with writers! From what I’ve seen on social media sites and the comments threads of online newspaper articles, it’s only writers who agonise over spelling, punctuation, copyright and other writerly issues.

ice cream clarinets

Although political times may be a-changing in some ways, I don’t think they are changing quite as fast or as radically as some people fear, and others hope. I have begun to emerge already from the dreadful post-election gloom of Friday and I hope by Tuesday or so politics will recede into the distance again and become something that other people do somewhere else without bothering me. In the mean-time I have set my two political novels free for a day or two on Amazon – see end of post for further information.

Last week was also trying in other ways. My car broke down in heavy rain towards the start of the week, and when I decided to get a taxi to work instead I found the only cash I had in the house was 50 Euros I had found somewhere and left lying about in view so that I wouldn’t forget to take them on my next European trip, which is due to happen in mid-June. I lost my mobile phone charger, the one I had bought as a replacement for the one that had stopped working the previous week, and Virgin media somehow managed to mess with our internet connection in such a way that my browser was defaulting to using Google Spain.

The first sign that my life wasn’t disintegrating altogether was that I found the phone charger in a pile of random cables, and when I finally got my phone charged up there was a text message from one of my best friends reminding me we were going to the theatre and suggesting we had dinner afterwards. Things are going to get better! I think some of the political parties involved in election disaster can learn from this minor domestic detail.

[The two books that are free this weekend are http://www.amazon.co.uk/Petitioners-Sheila-Perry-ebook/dp/B00U546Q2M/

and http://www.amazon.co.uk/The-Mountain-Flood-Sheila-Perry-ebook/dp/B004HD64FQ/]


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