Chilling out

Because I’ve completed the first draft of my latest mystery novel, formerly known as ‘Pitkirtly IX’ but now almost certainly to be entitled ‘Death in a Cold Spring’ now that I’ve done a draft cover design, I was tending towards a blissful state of inertia anyway. Yesterday (Friday) I did practically nothing all day, and it looks as if today and tomorrow might be much the same. Sadly, the term ‘chilling’ is also appropriate for the weather, which took a turn for the worse as the end of April came closer. We had some hail and even a few flakes of snow during this past week, and I am still having to wear two jumpers and use two duvets, a cosy blanket and two cats on the bed.

dead tulips

The remains of the tulips

The photograph shown here has caused a certain amount of amusement in our household. I wouldn’t normally take pictures of dead flowers, but in this case I realised this was exactly the image I might need for the cover of ‘Pitkirtly X’, a novel that at present is only a vague glimmering of an idea in a distant recess of my mind.

Not having enough to do yesterday, or at least nothing I very much wanted to do – the housework is always there, of course – meant I spent too long browsing random websites and leaving comments on various forums and newspaper articles, but I also reviewed my annual writing plan, which now looks so confusing and self-contradictory that I might have to take the unprecedented step of writing it out again on a new page. For some reason I’m reluctant to do this, maybe because it seems like giving in and admitting it was completely wrong the first time – which it wasn’t. It’s just that I’ve changed the order in which I plan to work on certain projects. My first draft of the plan for 2015 included two historical novels, both of which are going to require quite a lot of research. In one case I am not sure if the research is even going to be feasible, so I will start by checking this out during the year to help me decide whether I can really pursue it.

This probably all sounds very cryptic. It does make sense to me! Anyway, the essentials of the revised plan are that I will complete the edits of ‘Adventure at the Palace of Varieties’ as soon as I can, which will give the draft of ‘Pitkirtly IX’ time to marinate a bit before being edited and published. If I have time in May and June I will also write the draft of another Edwardian adventure before starting on ‘Pitkirtly X’ in July to coincide with another Camp NaNoWriMo. That should leave me time to complete, edit and publish it as well as doing some research in preparation for the full November NaNoWriMo when I plan to write one of the historical novels mentioned above.

Which should leave me in my normal pre-Christmas state of utter collapse in good time for the festive season!


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