Is spring sprung?

Quite recently it looked as if we might have skipped spring altogether and gone straight to summer, but this weekend the temperature has just plummeted again, as one of my work colleagues said it would, and we have been left wondering if this will be the longest winter on record. I suppose I shouldn’t really complain after hearing from Facebook friends in Canada that they had yet more snow during this past week. At least we haven’t had very much of that this year (yet).


Daffodils on my office window-sill

Going on about the weather was really just an excuse to add my daffodil picture here. If it doesn’t rain today I may be able to capture the forsythias in bloom too.

The weather also links in a way to the fact that the end of my work in progress, ‘Pitkirtly IX’, now tentatively entitled ‘Death in a Cold Spring’, is almost in sight. This is largely thanks to Camp NaNoWriMo which has nudged me into writing more than 30,000 words this month. Because I’m a ‘NaNo rebel’ this time, the word count was actually added on to the novel I had already started in March. I’m now on what I optimistically think of as the second-last chapter. There is quite a lot still to unravel in the mystery, in fact I’m not altogether sure how I’m going to work it out, but my reasoning is that if I don’t know how the novel ends, then the readers aren’t going to guess either. Without giving too much away, I can reveal that a lot of people are involved at this point and it isn’t at all clear how their activities fit together, if indeed they do.

I’m just in the middle of updating my ‘trains’ blog – there is a link to it at the right here – and it contains some exciting news about what I plan to do in my summer holidays. Well, it’s exciting for me anyway. Last weekend I also updated my ‘Cecilia Peartree’ blog (link at right to that too) with an interview with my son Alex Perry and a link to something weird on You Tube, in case anyone has missed any of that. I am also fairly sure I will want to update my politics blog (‘Sheila Perry Predicts Scotland’s Future’) between now and the general election with some sort of doom-laden rant.


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