Eclipse fun and games

Yesterday something interesting happened in the sky and here in Edinburgh we were actually able to see it for once despite the usual cloud cover. Needless to say I didn’t manage to capture the solar eclipse itself in a photograph so the picture I will add here is my rather unsuccessful effort to show what the light looked like in our garden at the time. It did go rather dark in the middle of the eclipse, which I believe reached 95% coverage, and one of the cats came in from the garden and went to bed, but neither of these occurrences was exactly unprecedented so I’m not sure if they were connected to the phenomenon or not! As you’ll notice there is also a very dark tree in the middle of the garden which does tend to block the light anyway.

On the day of the eclipse

On the day of the eclipse…

After all the excitement I had trouble settling down to do anything, but I am making slow and steady progress in my latest mystery novel, now at 17,000+ words. I’m not sure if I will be able to write very much next week as I will be away from home and I haven’t decided what sort of technological equipment to take with me – it seems like overkill to take netbook, Kindle Fire, Kindle and smart-phone, although admittedly it wouldn’t be the first time I’ve travelled with all of these, and all their power supplies, plus headphones and separate camera. But if I take my new case with the wheels I can probably fit everything in! I used to laugh at my sons’ idea of packing to go on holiday, when they would take a huge bag of books, Playstation etc and a very much smaller one for their clothes, but I am afraid I am getting close to this system.

As well as writing the ninth novel in my series I’ve been wrestling with the production of a paperback version of the first one. Don’t ask me why, after years of not getting round to this, I’ve suddenly decided I must do it now, when I should be concentrating on my new first draft. My mind is full of these clever tricks and I have more or less giving up fighting it now – partly because fighting against my own mind suddenly seems like a direct route into madness, but partly because I’ve learned from experience that sometimes there’s a reason for letting yourself be distracted, even if you can’t immediately work out what the reason is.


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