If Winter comes, can Spring be far behind? Yes it can, actually…

The two big pieces of news this week are first, the non-arrival of Spring, in Scotland anyway. I can best illustrate this with a photo I took on Monday from the warmth of my conservatory.

From the window

From the window

Fortunately the snow went away fairly quickly, and it’s now much warmer here – I am considering whether to abandon one of the two duvets that have been on my bed since last autumn, or maybe just the crochet blanket the cat likes – but extremely windy, Despite this, one of the cats has spent approximately an hour and a half nagging to go out. The only reason I haven’t heaved myself off the chair and opened the door for him is that I know he doesn’t like the weather anyway and if I let him out he will just crouch pathetically in the bushes for ten minutes or so before coming back in with a lot of plaintive meowing and shivering.

Anyway, the second important piece of news is that I have actually now published my NaNoWriMo 2014 novel ‘The Petitioners’ on Amazon and so I can forget about it and get on with the next thing. If anyone wants to have a look at it this is the link: http://www.amazon.co.uk/The-Petitioners-Sheila-Perry-ebook/dp/B00U546Q2M/.

As it is a sequel to ‘The Mountain and the Flood’ I am considering whether to make a print edition containing both novels, but it could take a while to get round to this as I have started work this weekend on the ninth in my mystery series. When I say ‘work’ that isn’t strictly true – I just sort of sit here and the words flow through my fingers on to the keyboard, with the characters apparently making it up as they go along. They’ve even started to bring their friends along and shoehorn them into the plot without a by-your-leave. And don’t even ask me about all the dogs.

This past week has been quite busy, with extra cat-feeding to do, and this afternoon I had the theatre to go to – that makes it sound like just another chore, but in this case it was Brecht, so I knew it would be good. It reminded me again about why the classics are classics, in the theatre anyway. They can be re-staged and re-interpreted almost infinitely without losing track of their original meaning.


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