On the brink again

My plan for this weekend was to complete my final edits for my NaNoWriMo 2014 effort and start the publication process so that I could get on with the next in my mystery series which is patiently waiting in the wings. I’m not quite there yet as I write, but there is still the rest of today and Monday morning before I declare the weekend over.In theory I’ve had plenty of time to do this, but when it gets to this stage I don’t like to rush things too much, in case I find some horrendous problem with the plot, the characters, the continuity, the style, the grammar…

I’ve also been somewhat held up by residual exhaustion from having to go to Birmingham last Monday. It was partly the nervous strain of travelling by Virgin Trains that did it. If you want to know more about this please have a look at my trains blog – https://allmytrains.wordpress.com/. By the way, from today it will be almost impossible to travel to or from Scotland by rail without using Virgin Trains. I await with trepidation the first time my train to London is cancelled and I have to work my way through the country via Carstairs, Stafford, Birmingham, Cardiff and Winchester. to name a few places at random. I can’t help feeling this development has been sponsored by the SNP to try and make it more difficult for us to feel as if we are still part of the UK. But I mustn’t get diverted on to politics – I have a whole separate blog, and now almost two novels for that.

Birmingham - NEC

Birmingham – NEC

I have two other links to mention here. One is to my Cecilia Peartree blog – http://ceciliapeartree.wordpress.com – where I have recently posted a ‘work in progress’ report. The other is to my Smashwords author page – http://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/peartree. As part of ‘Read an ebook week’ which starts today, I have made 4 extra novels available as free downloads with coupon code RW100: Reunited in Death, A Reformed Character, The Four Seasons Quest and The Coronation Quest. This is in addition to the novels and short stories that are permanently free on the site.


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