Grey Mist Descends (as usual)

We seem to have lost our bright spring sunshine, and instead there is a horrible damp grey mist around, swirling away intermittently so that sometimes you can see the hills and sometimes you can’t even see the houses in the next street. To match this, my advances in housework seem to have slowed to a crawl (or maybe even a complete halt), partly because of a bath-plug-related injury earlier in the week but partly, I think, because of the general dimness around me as well as the inexorable arrival of Other Stuff To Do.

another misty day

Another misty day

The picture isn’t what I’m looking at now, as my garden is not a sculpture park – it’s just to set the mood!

Among the other stuff is the organisation of an unexpected car repair, which I’ve already decided will have to wait until Monday, some committee work, booking a train journey and a hotel stay, arranging for the cat’s blood test… there’s no end to it. And these are just the things that absolutely have to be done – when am I going to get round to the things I consider optional extras, such as having the big tree outside the conservatory cut back before it blows down on top of me, and finding someone to mend the dish-washer? Goodness knows how it would all get done if I were still working full time! How did I have time for any kind of a life back in those bad old days before the 1st of December 2014? (no need to answer that)

Anyway, writing is never an optional extra, and I have now reached 12,000 words or so in my latest Edwardian adventure. I would like to think that when I read over the first draft I will find it is just as light-hearted, and even silly in places, as the first two in the series, despite its rather grim scenario and the distinct possibility that it will end with a funeral. I’m still waiting for my printed copy of ‘The Petitioners’ (my 2014 NaNoWriMo novel) to reach me, but it would be good if it didn’t arrive until I’ve completed the first draft of the novella. I suppose interleaving projects like this is an efficient use of time, although there are also some risks attached to it, mainly that the two will reach the publication stage within a couple of weeks of each other, something which has happened before, but there is also the risk that the two pieces of writing will interact badly with each other in some way, so that the light-heartedness I am trying for in the novella will creep into the grim post-apocalyptic novel. (I suspect this has already happened to some extent.)


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