Bright light and bright ideas

I don’t know if it’s because of the extremely bright sunlight we’ve been experiencing since the start of February – along with the extreme cold, of course – or because of the excess energy I now have, but even more writing ideas have lodged themselves in my mind since last weekend. I’ve made a good start on my novella ‘Adventure at the Palace of Varieties’, or at least I’ve written over 6,000 words – not necessarily the right ones! – and I’ve made a note of my ‘Pitkirtly IX’ brainwave, but as well as that I may now have part of the basis for the 1st World War novel (or is it a set of novellas? – that’s the question) I’ve been simultaneously planning to write and dreading. All this, and now that my NaNoWriMo novel is away being printed, I am having further doubts about whether it actually works or not, and tentatively considering the possibility of beta readers.



As usual, there is other stuff going on around here. Although I haven’t exactly plunged into housework since reducing my work hours, in fact some people probably wouldn’t even notice the amount of it I’ve done, I feel as if I am creeping towards some diminution of the domestic chaos, one small step at a time. For example, today the gas man came round and fixed the central heating – which I didn’t even notice needed fixing for some time, instead imagining I had suddenly reached the age where I was more susceptible to the cold than before. Another tiny example is that I’ve now set aside 4 separate boxes for important letters, documents etc. I’ve had one of them for a while, as it contains all my tax stuff, but now I have another one for important documents, one for letters I think I shouldn’t throw away, and one for letters I probably will throw away eventually. I really need some shelves to put the boxes on, but I must be sensible about the amount of re-organisation my brain can cope with at a time. I also need to round up the important documents and put them in the box! But somehow finding a box and sticking a label on it was always going to be the difficult part.

As you can probably tell, I will not be writing a book on how to do housework any time soon.


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