The wrong day to come out of hibernation

This is obviously not the kind of day to go out of the house at all if you live in Edinburgh, unless you have to, and definitely not the right day to choose to come out of hibernation. I did in fact manage to stay in all day yesterday, which was my day off, but I had to go out for lunch today through gales, blizzards, hailstones, rain etc etc. Fortunately, after wearing sandals right through to November, I had recently stocked up on more appropriate footwear and also on new jumpers, and today I almost gave into the impulse to buy a fleecy blanket I saw in the window at Poundstretcher while waiting for my bus. We used to buy a new fleecy blanket for the dog every time we went to IKEA, but the last time we were there I forgot to get one. We haven’t had a dog for some time now, but we could certainly have done with the blanket, especially during the spell when our central heating wasn’t working properly.

Cat nest

Jacques makes a nest in the discarded Christmas paper pile.

I’m now trying to settle myself into a new life routine, having cut down my working hours to 3.5 days a week. This really happened at the start of December, but nobody told me it had happened until the 2nd, by which time I had already booked up my time with meetings and other pointless wastes of time  things, mostly on the days I had planned not to work. So it’s only now that I can really predict with some certainty which days I will spend at my desk at work, and which days I can get up at 10 and swan around in my dressing-gown reading my Twitter feed and feeling guilty about not writing.

I don’t feel all that guilty, as it happens, because I am now almost halfway through my initial edit of my NaNoWriMo novel (working title ‘The Petitioners’) and I’ve done quite a bit of research on the Empire Palace of Varieties for my next 1900s novella, imaginatively entitled ‘Adventure at the Palace of Varieties’. I know where I’m going to start the novella, which is always useful, and in the case of the novel I know it rushes towards the end much too fast and at the moment has a ridiculously improbable ending featuring a member of the Royal Family on Hampstead Heath. Well, when I say the ending is ridiculously improbable, actually the whole novel falls into that category. However I think I can make the rest of it more or less believable with some extra work, whereas the ending definitely needs to be changed quite a lot.

All I need now in both cases is to get to the point where I am ready to do some writing, and I think I can lose this guilt altogether. I’ll let you know later how successful I am.

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