New Year, same routine

I don’t generally like routine very much, but now that it’s Saturday after what seems like a month of Sundays but isn’t, I feel like getting back into my usual pattern of blogging. I see this as a good sign, since I’ve spent the past couple of days not feeling like doing anything after catching the traditional post-pantomime cold. I spent yesterday mostly in bed, which gave me an excellent opportunity to read through my NaNoWriMo novel, transferred as if by magic to my Kindle Fire, where at least it looks more like a novel and less like a string of unconnected words (I realise though that this could be an illusion!).

Interesting Christmas card

My writing plan for 2015 hasn’t got off to all that bad a start, despite my not having actually written anything yet. I am now a step closer to starting on my next Edwardian novella, ‘Adventure at the Palace of Varieties’ after finding a new notebook and working out a few logistical and character issues. I’ve also established that there is a backstage tour of the Festival Theatre scheduled for February, so I’m hoping this will help with some of the details. The reasons why it might help will become apparent later.

I have slightly sabotaged my own plan by buying a book in the sales called ‘Writing Your Family History’, a project I’ve been meaning to do something about for a while. I’ll have to try and ration the time I spend on this and not let it take over. Haha, watch this space to find out how successful I am!

I was sort of hoping that having 2 weeks at home would result in the house becoming a bit tidier and cleaner, but all that seems to have happened is that there is Christmas residue all over the place, and new cardboard boxes have appeared to replace the ones I carefully flattened down and took to the recycling place back at the start of the 2 weeks. Things may not look so grim once I put away the Christmas stuff, or they may look even worse without the tinsel and other sparkly things. While tidying a layer just below the surface I found a book on home organising, so I’ve moved it to the top of the pile just in case I get an irresistible urge to rearrange everything. I suspect the book is going to end up either buried under a pile of other stuff or put away out of sight so that I don’t feel it’s nagging at me.


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