Dances with cockroaches

I’m not even sure the large rubber insect-like thing in the props box is a cockroach. It isn’t really the right colour, being orange and red, but we call it a cockroach. It doesn’t have any function in the show apart from its potential use as a threat against the chorus that if they lose their prop for one particular scene they will have to dance with the cockroach instead.

Winter sunrise, Edinburgh

Winter sunrise, Edinburgh

Yes, here in the dark days leading up to the winter solstice, or to Christmas if that’s what you prefer to call it, the only thing to keep me amused is sitting in the dark depths of the theatre thinking up new threats. And of course mulling over my next writing project, which coincidentally centres around a theatre fire. I’ve found myself staring at fire exit signs quite a lot and speculating on whether the cast would shove everyone from behind the scenes out of their way as they stampeded to safety, but generally it’s a good sign that I am even thinking about having a next project.

Today I have the feeling that I’ve come through my spell of mental and physical overload and can almost see daylight at the other side – or at least I would be able to see daylight if there was very much of it to see. I’m now on holiday from work for just over 2 weeks, and although the first thing I did on the first day of my holiday was go to a meeting, that is past now, and I only have one more afternoon of props to go before a 5 day complete rest during which I will merely finish my Christmas cards, clean the house from top to bottom and wrap things up. The middle one of these tasks has been voted the most likely not to get done, by the way.

At some point during my winter break I will try to organise my writing plan for 2015, already started in one of the notebooks I sometimes refer to. Watch this space for further news.


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