Changing and rearranging

As I write I’m not actually doing either of the things mentioned in the heading of this post, merely contemplating them, so don’t worry, I won’t overdo it! I seem to have reached one of these times in my life when I have to take a conscious decision to change something, and as usual I am not coping with it very well. I’ve already decided to cut down on my working hours, so at least that decision is out of the way, but I’ve now begun to question the purpose of doing this. It might be that the questioning doesn’t result in any action on my part. I think it could be a transient phase caused by a complete, but I hope temporary, overload of things to do. However it could also be a sign that the things I’m overloaded with are no longer giving me any kind of satisfaction, in which case I will have to jettison some of them before I sink under their weight!

Caspar slinks in

After checking out the weather, Caspar slinks back into the house.

Anyway, today is the day when I’ve set myself the task of tidying the table where I write, with a view to excavating the Christmas cards I know I bought recently from a pile of random correspondence which may or may not also conceal a copy of my marriage certificate, almost certain to turn up somewhere now that I’ve ordered a replacement, my photo-book of Finland which I want to show to a friend on Monday, and any letters from HMRC that I haven’t already filed in the box with my writing records in readiness to spend the Christmas break doing my tax form. I knew there was some reason I had always hated Christmas! Actually the tax form is the least of it. After locating the Christmas cards I hope to summon the enthusiasm to write and post them. For various reasons this is becoming more difficult every year. I suppose I should really take this opportunity to sort out people’s presents too. I think I bought some a while ago but they’ve disappeared under the piles of craft material, half-finished props and junk mail.

The clutter in our house has now reached the stage where I am having trouble negotiating my way round things, and this is one reason why I have to re-evaluate all my activities. If I don’t do something soon, we will all be found lying under paper landslides and clothes avalanches, and our story will probably feature as a cautionary tale on one of these nasty tv programmes entitled ‘How Disgusting is your House?’ or ‘Vanquished by the Clutter’ or ‘Would you live in a house like this?’


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