Perfect storms and hours in the day

There haven’t actually been storms yet here this winter – only the odd day when the wind is stronger than usual, or the rain more persistent. My perfect storm is the one caused by my having too much to do in the time as usual. November is when NaNoWriMo meets pantomime preparations and, in this case, random craft fair arrangements and worse than average health resulting in even more untidy than usual surroundings.

Brighton again

The other side of Brighton pier with waves

I don’t think there is a solution to any of this except possibly to try and delegate tasks that can be done by someone else, and not to be too much of a perfectionist about some of the others. I think I can do the second of these without too much effort!

As far as writing my NaNo novel goes, I have been keeping on track and have now got very slightly ahead of the basic word count instead of slightly behind it, so that feels a bit more comfortable. I think I’ve probably got too big a plot to fit into 50,000 words, but that’s all right. For one of my previous NaNo novels I couldn’t quite get the whole thing wrapped up in the time, so I ‘finished’ it by writing something like ‘They didn’t find out what had really happened until much later. The End.’ I have a feeling I may find myself writing something similar on the 30th of November this year. I always like to get to the point where I write ‘The End’ even if I have to go back afterwards and fill in the gap or expand on the summary.

The craft fair is a bit of a worry, as I have said I will run a stall with knitted Christmas things on it, and to date I have knitted most of a small elephant, part of a doll and a bit of an elf. However I’ve given myself a bit of leeway by saying I will also sell books (my own ones, that is) and run a scrapbook demonstration (don’t ask) so maybe the lack of knitted tinsel-decked stuff won’t be too glaringly obvious.


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