Not in Pitkirtly any more

Note to any readers of my Pitkirtly Mysteries who might have stumbled across this blog: the heading for this post doesn’t mean I’ve abandoned the series – ‘Pitkirtly IX’ is on my radar for spring 2015. It’s just that, fuelled by post-referendum depression, I’ve decided to write a sequel to my dystopian novel of Scottish independence for this year’s NaNoWriMo. So far, so good. I haven’t killed anybody yet, but there are at least two characters in drug-induced comas and I’m about to have two others carried off by marauding raiders. I can’t really give away any more than that, partly because despite having a plot outline, which is unusual for me, I don’t really know the full extent of what might unfold. Surprisingly, this novel is fun to write despite depicting a grim situation. Maybe it’s because the characters can be much nastier and more evil than they tend to be in my mystery novels. This lets me draw on the nasty, evil side of myself.

Brighton - waves

Brighton pier with big waves

Coincidentally, and not because I wanted to get as far away from Pitkirtly as I could, I started on my NaNoWriMo novel in Brighton at the beginning of the month. I usually find it difficult to write while in transit or away from home, but I managed to cobble together almost enough words for the daily word count. My hotel room was at the front of the house with a view of the street and I found sitting in the bay window was quite conducive to writing, as was my seat on East Coast trains. I don’t think I could write at one of these seats where 4 people are round one table. I would be too constrained by the thought that people could read what I was writing. I don’t think I could write without listening to music in those circumstances either. Some people just talk too loudly, and too much, on trains, and then there are all the announcements.

In case anyone is planning to visit Brighton in the near future, I can recommend going into the Royal Pavilion, which despite being a Brighton native and having revisited the place several times, I had never been round before, but which is extremely interesting. There are lots of restaurants in Brighton of course, some more exotic than others, but my favourite meal there was a fish supper at Harry Ramsden’s, where the staff were particularly pleasant.


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