Tomorrow is November (how did that happen?) and that means I ‘have’ to write a novel. What is it about writing a novel while thousands of other people across the world are writing theirs that is so special? I think it brings out the worst in me in one sense, because although in some ways (most sports) I can’t be bothered to compete with other people, in others I love competition and the feeling that I can do better than some of the other participants. Of course in terms of word count I often do much worse than some of the others too.

Netbook with stickers

Netbook with stickers

Although I do most of my writing on a large laptop these days, I have had to get out my netbook and charge it up because I’m going to be starting November with a train journey. See my ‘trains’ blog for more information.

I did think twice about whether to take the netbook, because earlier this year I bought a Kindle Fire especially so that I wouldn’t have to carry a ‘real’ computer with me when I travelled, but I can’t imagine my word count would be very impressive if I had to use the on-screen keyboard with its extremely annoying predictive text feature. If I’d been slightly better organised I might have got a keyboard to go with my Kindle Fire, but as regular readers of this blog will have realised, organisation and I are only occasional companions and not close friends.

My netbook has been at various write-ins in cafés around Edinburgh, where I got the stickers, so it’s quite fitting that I begin this year’s NaNoWriMo on it. I hope to write the first few hundred words on the train from Edinburgh to London and then a couple of thousand more in my hotel room in Brighton, in between healthy sea-front walks and cosy snacks in cafés. Most unfairly I will have to spend most of Monday in a meeting, so in theory I should try to get ahead over the weekend. But I don’t think this novel will come as easily to me as my mysteries usually do, so there may be a certain amount of procrastination involved. I do have a sort of outline, which is more than I usually do, and because this novel is a sequel I know some of the characters. But all in all, I am quietly lacking in confidence about this.


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