The anti-launch

I was going to make the post heading ‘The anti-book launch’ but I realised in time that it might be taken as a diatribe against books, which is far from the message I would like to get across. As befits a paid-up member of Introverts Anonymous (no, as far as I know, this organisation doesn’t exist, and even if it did, I wouldn’t want to join it, although its name would probably strike a chord with many people I know), I like my novels to creep out into the marketplace, glancing nervously from side to side in case anyone is looking. Even telling the people who claim to have been waiting for this moment with bated breath is a bit of an ordeal. I like the fact that tweets have a very short life and disappear into oblivion only moments after you’ve created them, so that there is very little chance of anyone actually seeing them.

The moon one morning

The moon one morning above our garden

Anyway, ‘The Christmas Puzzle’ is now available in the usual places. It seems to have taken no time to produce a series of eight novels. I’m not sure if I should stop at ten or whether I can carry on indefinitely. If you would like to know more about all this, please have a look at the page on this blog that is now entitled ‘Sixteen books on Amazon’ where there are links to some of the ebook sites where you can find them.

Now that I’ve managed to get this out of the way, I can concentrate on planning my NaNoWriMo project, working title ‘The Petitioners’. It’s a sequel to a previous NaNo novel ‘The Mountain and the Flood’. In some ways I would prefer to write another light-hearted Edwardian novella (partly because that would be a good bit shorter, so less work) but I have the feeling that if I don’t write this dystopian sci-fi sequel now, I will never have any enthusiasm for it again. It’s quite unusual for me to plan a novel. I often rely on finding so much enjoyment in seeing what happens next that I just keep writing, but I am not sure about the enjoyment in this one!

I’ve chosen to plan using the Snowflake method, and without giving very much away, here is the sentence I’ve started from: ‘In the aftermath of a great storm, as most people struggle to survive, ruthless factions vie for the chance to rebuild their country according to their own ideas.’


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