Multi-tasking or how to overlay more and more things on top of each other until your brain is in a whirl

This has been a trying week and I’m trying to forget about some of it as the weekend gets under way. But even on my so-called days off I still have this ridiculous urge to do lots of things at once. The most glaring example is the fact that I am trying to finish the final edits of one novel while starting to outline a completely different one in the same timescale. I really should have learned from the previous times I’ve managed to get into this situation. But sometimes you just jump into this kind of thing without really meaning to, and then can’t find a sensible way out. I think I can best illustrate this with a cat picture.

Cat among the elephants

Cat among the elephants

The novel I am editing is the 8th in my Pirkirtly mystery series, now entitled ‘The Christmas Puzzle’.. I am extremely suspicious of this one because it has been too easy to write and edit up to now. I fully expect to find at this point that it has at least one previously unsuspected hideous plot hole, or that while I wasn’t paying attention my characters have conspired to do things that aren’t at all like them. To encourage myself I’ve now made a cover for it.

The novel I’m outlining is going to be the long-awaited sequel to ‘The Mountain and the Flood’. The working title is ‘The Petitioners’ and my main fear is that it will turn out unbelievably boring and mundane. This is a very dangerous fear as it will probably cause me at some stage to put in something completely ludicrous to make up for the boring bits.

I am still sporadically knitting, and against my better judgement I have embarked on a doll before the first elephant is finished. I feel this is a sign that my craft work and my writing are running in parallel in a spooky and rather disturbing way. I just hope it doesn’t mean I am starting to revert to childhood, when I had a cupboard in my bedroom that was full of partly written stories.


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