How do you knit an elephant?

First of all, I apologise to anyone who has come here looking for a knitting pattern. I can’t really provide that as I think the pattern I’m working from is copyright to a magazine. My point really is that you knit an elephant just as you would eat one (if you were hungry enough and not a vegetarian), in chunks.

knitting an elephant

Knitting an elephant

This is the extent of my elephant and doll knitting so far (see previous post), and I haven’t even done any sewing up yet, although I have a suspicion that the sewing up will be the hard part in this case. Still, I am stubborn enough to persevere until I have something roughly elephant-shaped.

My latest mystery novel, fortunately, is going better than my knitting, and I hope to complete the second edit, in which I try to make the plot make sense, some time later today, assuming I ignore all housework, cooking, reading through a draft constitution, planning Christmas dinner and so on. This is a fair assumption, as anyone who has read other posts in this blog will know. In fact I would rather do almost anything than plan Christmas dinner, especially as it isn’t yet the 24th of December. The next step with the novel will be to order a printed copy for the final proof-read. Having taken my time over the writing and editing, I have now almost come up against my self-imposed deadline for publishing it, which is mid-October, in time for me to spend a couple of weeks trying to work out what to write for NaNoWriMo in November.

I did have three possible options for November, but I’ve now discarded one of them on the grounds that it would take more research than I have time for. Actually, this is just an excuse. It’s because I want to spend more time than I should on the research that I’m putting it off for a while. (Ideally I should visit Berlin as part of this research, but I only have a half-formed plan and a voucher for 100 euros from Deutsche Bahn, which they gave me earlier this year to compensate for forcing me to share a couchette compartment with three students and their massive backpacks, to show for it).

The remaining options are (a) to write a sequel to my dystopian novel of Scottish independence and (b) to be a NaNo rebel and write two more novellas set in Edwardian/early Georgian times. Anyone who has been following politics will know that we don’t after all have independence for Scotland, so some of the impetus for option (a) has gone, but now that I’ve had the idea I feel I should maybe follow it up while I still feel some residual bleakness from the referendum. Any comments on what I should write would be very welcome at this point!


2 responses to “How do you knit an elephant?

  1. I vote for a option a)! I really enjoyed The Mountain and the Flood and would love to read a follow up novel.

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