The elephants and dolls project

As I suspected would happen, a lot of things have flooded in to fill the space left in my life by completing my novel draft and the end of the referendum campaign (or is it the end? – some people seem to have started the next one already). One of these is my elephants and dolls project. This will probably come to nothing because of the pressure of other stuff. It isn’t to do with writing or pantomime props, for once, but with a craft event for which I would like to provide a table stacked with knitted elephants and dolls. Unlike my writing projects, which usually come to fruition eventually, even when it takes a while, my craft projects don’t always reach a completed state. This is probably because there is often no deadline for them, not even a self-imposed one.

One of my elephants

One of my elephants

Why elephants and dolls? I suppose this is because I love elephants and I have a collection of elephant ornaments as well as a couple of ‘useful’ elephants – see picture for one of these. It’s actually a computer screen cleaner. And I love knitting dolls for some reason, possibly because they are small and don’t take long to knit, unless you complete a number of tiny components and leave them lying around for years until you’ve lost the pattern and can no longer remember which piece is which. Yes, this has really happened to me, on more than one occasion.

It will by now be obvious that, as well as living in a place which has been compared to the Pitkirtly of my mystery novels, I am also rapidly turning into a character from the novels. I suppose this is similar to the way people start to look like their pets!

Although I will try and start the first elephant this weekend, I am afraid the whole project will soon be swamped by the requirements of prop-making for the pantomime and later, when the props are under control, by the tidal wave of writing that is NaNoWriMo. For which, incidentally, I have two competing writing projects in mind and no idea which I will end up working on. If one of them wasn’t based on a real-life historical scenario I would be able to put off making up my mind until approximately the 31st of October, but as it is I will have to start my research soon if I choose that one.


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