Space and mental space

I apologise for another of these post headers that sound slightly philosophical. The reason for this one is that I’ve realised I now have some spare mental space following the completion of the first draft of my latest novel and the end of the Scottish referendum campaign, both of which momentous events have happened in the last week.

Jacques relaxes

Jacques relaxes

It’s a bit unfortunate that both these things have happened at the same time, although it wasn’t entirely coincidental since I deliberately tried to get to the end of the novel draft before the referendum date in case I felt too depressed afterwards to write any more light-hearted stuff. In fact I was already planning to start a bleak dystopian thing if Scotland voted for independence. Now that it hasn’t, I’m slightly at a loss, but this is probably just a temporary state of mind brought about partly by having woken up at 3 a.m. on Friday to see what the results were like.

In fact, once I knew there wasn’t going to be a huge political upheaval – not this week, anyway – I had an insane urge to clean the house from top to bottom, but fortunately that soon wore off and this weekend I don’t really have time for that. This morning will be devoted to taking my new glasses back to the opticians because I had thought the reason they were scratching me was that my nose had somehow got bigger, but actually it turned out to be because the little bit of plastic that should lie along the side of your nose (I don’t know if there’s a word for it) had fallen off and there was a bit of scratchy metal underneath. I have no  idea why it’s taken me several weeks to work this out.

Then later today there is an engagement party which will be nice once I am finished organising various people to get there, and tomorrow is the AGM of my theatre group. I’ve had a long debate with myself over whether to join it again this year or whether to abandon my props task to allow more time and energy for other things, but who could resist the opportunity to make more frogspawn or to cover everything in sight with black spray paint or to transfer PVA glue from container to papier-maché construction to computer keyboard with annoying predictability? Not to mention the chance to spend most of the Christmas season in the cavernous depths of the black backstage area in the theatre. As you can see, I’m re-considering my decision already.

It’s fine having all this mental space, but the physical space-time continuum is already too full of stuff to do, and I can see that with this current vacuum in my thoughts I will have to be careful not to get my real world schedule filled with mindless things that are the equivalent of the clutter with which my house is still overflowing.

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