Illusions of Infinity

Don’t worry, this isn’t going to be a metaphysical post with lots of mental anguish and philosophy. It’s really more of a moan about why weekends and holidays go past so quickly.

Flowers on Pitlochry station

Flowers on Pitlochry station

At the start of most weekends and some holidays, the time seems to stretch out in front of me, giving the illusion of infinite promise. My ideal holiday, I now realise, is a long spell at home with more or less nothing planned at all. In that kind of situation I usually get lazier and lazier for a while, waking up later and later, swanning around in my dressing-gown for hours, binge-reading on my Kindle and not venturing out of the house except in dire food-related emergencies.

This weekend I made the mistake of arranging two lunches with friends, one on Saturday and one today (Sunday). From the vantage point of knowing that yesterday’s lunch took up around four and a half hours including lunch itself, travelling into town and back by bus, speaking to the ‘No’ campaigners, and wandering about in John Lewis looking for curtain hooks, I somehow grudge the time it will take to have lunch today. On the other hand, I enjoyed seeing my friends yesterday and I know I will enjoy today too. I just can’t help wishing I had left myself a whole day to chill out in. Using the words ‘chill out’ to include doing minimal housework, clearing up the buddleia clippings I left lying around last weekend, starting to set up a bank account, finishing the novel I’ve been working on, and doing the washing-up BY HAND because the dishwasher appears to have broken down. Amazing how dependent you can become on a dishwasher. We’ve almost run through our entire, rather extensive, collection of cutlery and crockery already.

Anyway, knowing I have to be ready to go out by around eleven means the day has already lost its infinite promise.

I am in the process of organising my working time so that I will have 3.5 day weekends at some time in the future. My plan to begin this in August has already been defeated by bureaucracy, but I am now hoping to start in November (in time for NaNoWriMo). It would be nice to think that having longer weekends would make my illusion of infinity turn into a reality, although the relentless intrusion of ‘stuff to do’ is always a possibility!

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