Frogspawn no more!

With this year’s Fringe show just about coming to an end, I think the rest of the props team will be happy to join me in issuing an ultimatum to all future directors to the effect that the inclusion of frogspawn in their props lists will be the signal for us to walk out on strike.


Frogspawn=spawn of the devil

This is just a glimpse of the horrible stuff. It’s made from tapioca (also the devil’s own invention – how can people eat something that appears to be a combination of glue and those little polystyrene balls that are used to stuff beanbags?) with optional green food-colouring. I say ‘optional’ but what I mean is that if you don’t have any green food-colouring to hand then you have to hope nobody notices it isn’t green.

The main problem with it is that it’s almost impossible to make it at the right consistency, so it has often come out too soft, or too sludgy, or too sticky, and as one of the actors has to handle it, none of these options is ideal.

Anyway, enough of this ranting. Apart from the frogspawn I’ve been pleasantly idle during most of this year’s Fringe show so I can’t really complain. I’ve had plenty of time to make a start on ‘Pitkirtly VIII’, my next mystery novel, as well as publishing two other books, monitoring the progress of my articles about historical research at the Edinburgh ebook festival, going to work most days and even beginning to declutter one room in the house. Of course it will be time for me to go into semi-hibernation before long, so I have to make the most of this temporary rush of energy.

For more on the progress of ‘Pitkirtly VIII’ please see my Cecilia Peartree blog.

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