Summaries and Links

For the benefit of new visitors to this blog, I thought I would while away a bit of this very wet, gloomy day in Edinburgh in adding a post that summarises some of the things I usually blog about, along with links to related websites.

Rain on the rowan tree

Edinburgh Fringe weather

As befits a person who takes part in several different activities, I have four blogs altogether. The other three are linked at the right hand side but for once I will explain what each of them is for. This one here is my main blog which is really a journal of random things that are going on in my life. Sometimes there’s more about my writing, sometimes about my theatre group, or the cats, or my work, or what the weather’s like (see picture).

My Cecilia Peartree – Woman of Mystery blog is all about my Cecilia Peartree novels, including any related historical and other research. In the archives you’ll find I had a French month to celebrate the publication of ‘Murder in the Midi’, and on another occasion I had a short series  of posts featuring Scottish customs and sayings. That’s where I explained what made me write the two Edwardian novellas I’ve just published, and where I occasionally reveal how the latest Pitkirtly mystery is progressing.

When I knew I was going to travel to Finland by train and ferry earlier this year I set up my ‘Trains’ blog. The intention was to do some live-blogging during the journey, and to some extent that was how it worked. However I was often defeated by the lack of reliable wi-fi en route, and had to create a post while things were happening and publish it once I found a signal. Something else that was difficult was that I was blogging from my Kindle Fire, which has the most irritating predictive text feature I’ve ever come across. Someone pointed out to me the other day that I could turn it off. I wish I’d thought of that!

The third of these other blogs, ‘Sheila Perry predicts Scotland’s future’, is where I post possibly contentious rants about Scottish politics from time to time. The latest post there is not a rant (in my opinion) but a reasoned argument based on historical events.

My novels are available in electronic form on Amazon Kindle, Smashwords, Kobo, Barnes and Noble, Apple and Scribd. Links to some of these may be found in the ‘14 15 books on Amazon’ page – see link above this post.

I am a member of a theatre group and help them with props. As I write this, I am filled with a certain amount of dread, because we have a first night tonight and there may or may not be problems with a mace, some frogspawn and a jar said to contain lizard spit.

In the middle of August 2014 three articles by me on the topic of historical research will appear here as part of the Edinburgh ebook festival. The reason for writing these is not that I am an expert on research, but that I’m not. I never know how much research to do, where to stop or how much to put in a book. Not knowing these things doesn’t stop me trying to write historical novels, however!

I have also just contributed a couple of articles on bar-coding to a site for museum people. I won’t bore you with the link to that!

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