Ideas Overload

As I was writing the title of this post, I realised that anyone looking at my life from outside would wonder why I’m bothered about being overloaded with ideas when it’s only too obvious that I’m much more overloaded with things to do in the real world, such as housework, finishing off some props, making a theatre subscription booking for the season that starts in the autumn, replying to a wedding invitation and getting the oven fixed.

Making an alembic

An alembic under construction

However, I really have got too many writing projects in hand at the moment – a novel and a novella both in the final stages of editing, and the ideas for my August novel (working title ‘Pitkirtly VIII’) swirling around in my head. Not to mention the fact that I’m wondering what, if anything, to do about Kindle Unlimited, apart from reading numerous forum posts on the subject, that is, and the cat is now walking on the wet roof of the conservatory and I’m worrying he’s going to fall.

Anyway, this weekend’s tasks, apart from possibly rushing the cat to the emergency vet at some humungous cost, will include finishing the alembic (see picture) and sawing a half-finishing massive papier-maché rock in half to make a smaller rock which is more like the required size, cleaning and decluttering the house (cue hollow laughter), possibly doing a final proof-read of the novel if the proof copy arrives, reading the props list again to see what we’ve missed, and working through part of the novel mountain I’ve downloaded from scribd to take advantage of my freebie subscription.

I don’t very often mention my sci-fi novel here but because it is relevant to the Scottish referendum and I have written a blog post on my little-used other blog ‘Sheila Perry predicts Scotland’s future’ (see link to right) about the referendum from a historical perspective, I will add my teaser for the novel to this post in case anyone is interested. And by the way, the cat has now come safely down from the roof.

mountain and flood teaser




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