A Week Away

It wasn’t exactly a week’s holiday, as I was attending and speaking at an international conference in Helsinki for two of the days, but I feel refreshed by the break both from the routines of work and from the things I choose to do in my spare time. This of course includes writing. I tried very hard to complete the first draft of my current novel before going away, but in the end I had to compromise by including a summary what I thought was going to happen next. Now that I’ve been away from it, of course, what I thought was going to happen might not turn out as I expected, but that’s a risk I am almost always willing to take.

Stockholm town hall

Stockholm town hall

My trip took me to many places I had expected to go, and one or two unexpected ones – if you want to know more, please have a look at my trains blog (see link at right). Don’t forget the posts go from latest to previous, so if you start with the current one you’ll read the end of the story first.

Sailing out of Stockholm

Sailing out of Stockholm

I changed trains so often along the way – and in one case changed my travel plans too – that when I finally reached Edinburgh Waverley station yesterday evening after being in transit for just over 48 hours, I instinctively began to look at the departures board to see when my next connection was due to leave.

I think I may have been infected by Swedishness in some way while I was passing through, as I now have an almost irresistible urge to go to IKEA!



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