Meltdown postponed

Somehow, against all expectation, I have almost got through my nightmare week. This afternoon’s performance of our show is the last one, so the only thing to be survived now is the move-out, which can be hard work but at least has the promise of the end being almost close enough to touch. As expected, there were some quite long spells during the show of sitting quietly in the dark doing nothing, which suits me fine as long as I can make myself forget the sun is still out somewhere.

One section of the props table

One section of the props table

Sometimes it’s possible to read on the Kindle back-stage while the show is in progress, but unfortunately this time it isn’t. However, while listening for prop cues with one part of my mind I have been able to tease out a plot tangle in my work in progress with another, so the time hasn’t been completely wasted. The end is now almost in sight for the first draft, after a mid-week panic when I thought I would have to re-write the novel from the ground up to accommodate a brainwave I’d just had. Going back and planting hints about what might be going to happen should be enough.

It’s now less than a week until I set off for Finland. I hope to post some pictures of the journey on my ‘trains’ blog as I go along. It should be an interesting trip as I am due to travel through five countries, pausing for the night in Cologne and Stockholm on the way, and spending all of 40 minutes in Copenhagen – I’m already panicking in case I miss my connection there. I’ve relied heavily on one of my favourite websites, ‘The Man in Seat 61’ ( to plan everything, although I don’t think he actually recommended the quick change in Copenhagen, so it won’t be his fault if it goes horribly wrong.

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