The Wrong Time

This is completely the wrong time for me to be on a roll with my work in progress, ‘The Coronation Quest’. I have another of these nightmare weeks from hell (slight exaggeration) ahead of me, this time because there has been a combination of circumstances that has left me in sole charge of props for a show that opens in the middle of next week. I’m sort of hoping the run-up to the opening will be the worst part – it almost always is – and that I’ll be able to relax back-stage from the first night onwards. The only hideous soul-sapping task that should remain after that is the nightly scraping of pink Playdoh out of a mincer that only appears on the stage for about 3 seconds.


Lilac in the garden

I think being on a roll with the novel at the wrong time is similar to the time-management theory that says you do most of your work in the last half an hour before going-home time. Anyway, I am very much hoping to finish this draft of the novel before going off to Finland in 2 weeks’ time (eek!), but I think I can do it by using the nooks and crannies of the day, such as breakfast-time and lunch-time instead of relying on having large chunks of time available. This tends to work better for me in any case. Large chunks of time have a tendency to disappear into cyberspace or a book, whereas in my experience if I know I only have time for a few hundred words I just sit and write them without even thinking about it. Yes, this does help to explain why characters often do strange, random things in my novels. They are constantly having to fight for attention against everything else I’m doing.

In the garden, the magpie situation continues, with the addition of a fox who seems to be on the track of the baby magpies. Even our fiercest cat is now reluctant to venture into the jungle. We have some rather pretty lilac bushes (see picture) but I don’t want to risk the wrath of the magpies too often by going out to admire them. Especially when it’s now as cold as it was in March and possibly wetter.


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