Distracted by the alpacas

It’s the end of a busy week in which I’ve learned by trial and (mostly) error how to blog from my Kindle Fire on the train, I’ve read through the novella I drafted earlier in the year, I’ve hardly written any more of my current novel but I’ve had an idea that will cause me to have to revise some parts quite extensively, and I’ve been at a meeting that was slightly disrupted by the fact that we could see alpacas grazing in their field just behind the meeting room.

Grazing alpacas

Grazing alpacas

I think the alpacas were aware of our attention, because even when some of the blinds were drawn in the room, they cleverly moved to a spot where they were still visible, and started rolling around on the grass, getting bits of hay in their hair and doing other lovable alpaca things.

Blogging from the train was slightly nerve-racking due to issues with the Kindle WordPress app and the fact that taking photos with the Kindle is a bit more obvious than using a mobile phone so I felt as if everyone was watching me and wondering why I was taking pictures of wind turbines and clouds through the train window. However I intend to try this again when I go to Finland next month, providing I can find reasonable wi-fi connections along the way. I’ve actually bought a gadget that is meant to create a mobile wi-fi hotspot, but I don’t think I have the skills, or perhaps the gender, necessary to get it to work. It always annoys me when that happens.

Another thing that annoys me is the fact that as soon as I stop actually writing a novel, ideas on how to improve it flood into my mind. It’s particularly annoying if it’s something that means I have to go back through what I’ve written, however I won’t do that until I’ve got to the end, and even then it will be better to wait a couple of weeks to let that ‘worst novel ever written’ feeling wear off.

I was pleased to find on re-reading the novella, however, that it was better than I thought, apart from a few of what I always think of as continuity errors, and it was quite a bit funnier. It often happens that something I write in a spirit of grim determination turns out to be funny. I don’t quite know how that comes about but I hope I can keep doing it!


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