Creeping towards 40,000

At the moment I am creeping towards 40,000 words in my current novel, almost afraid to get any further because I’m not sure what is going to happen next but determined to work through it. I had fondly imagined I might pause for a while this weekend and make an outline, but instead I seem to be just writing a few hundred words more here and there as the mood takes me. This may sound like a rather poetic approach writing but as anyone who has read any  of my novels will know, I am definitely not a poet. Instead I write with an incongruous mixture of silly ideas and grim determination.

Trees and shrubs

A nostalgic reminder of what the weather was like two weeks ago

As well as being in mid-novel, I’m in the final stages of my conference paper, and last week I decided it was too boring and needed more of my trademark silly ideas, so I have raided the internet for them. It’s amazing how much you can learn when searching for technology news online. Who knew Google had acquired several robotics companies a few months ago? Or that one of them had invented a scary-looking robot called Big Dog? (no need to answer either of these questions)

On the agenda today: more writing; de-cluttering (ha ha, guess which agenda item will be dropped if I run out of time!); collecting new spectacles with sparkly bits; visiting a mobile phone shop – these are places I usually steer well clear of – to find out about mobile wi-fi; trying to find time to get to a craft fair in the Royal Mile, which is slightly out of my way; more writing; finding something on Netflix to replace ‘The Bridge’ which I have now finished.

In case anyone remembers I was waiting for my Kindle Fire the last time I posted here, I should say it arrived safely and is a huge success. I was particularly amazed to find that some music I had previously bought on cd was waiting for me on the cloud, although not all that enthused to find it included an Enya album I once bought for someone else in the family. I am gradually teaching myself to blog on it, in readiness for my Scandinavian train safari, as I realise it would be ridiculous just to use it as a gigantic mp3 player.


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