So far, so good…

Despite relaxing to the point of torpor due to the bright sunny weather this week, I have managed to get a few rather useful things done and I have even found the time and energy to vacuum up almost enough cat fur from the landing to construct a 4th cat. And there is still a whole weekend and another day to go! This is obviously the best time of year to have a holiday at home.


Flowers behind my laptop

Following extensive online research I’ve now sourced the most fantastic handbag ever, doubling as a laptop bag although once I get my Kindle Fire I am planning not to take my laptop anywhere ever again, a dress that I think I can wear without constantly worrying about it, the lightest weight case ever – quite a bit of competition for this title – and a pink camera that matches my mp3 player.  So there has been a shopping frenzy this week, and also an unexpected frenzy of meetings of various sub-groups of the local committee I’m on. If I were in the habit of making ‘notes to self’ I would make one to say in no uncertain terms that when I reduce my working hours I mustn’t fill up the time with meetings.

In addition to all this I am happy to report that ‘The Coronation Quest’ is now well under way, and slightly apprehensive to add that I’ve started yet another blog (see sidebar for link) to do with trains. My planned trip to Finland now has even more to answer for as I prepare to blog my way across Europe. I’ve even been watching episodes of ‘The Bridge’ using a very neat gadget that streams video via wi-fi into my television (don’t ask me for any further technical details), with a view to learning a bit more about Scandinavia. Sadly this has had a knock-on effect on my writing and my characters are going to have to spend some dark times in dark places. Little do they know what’s in store for them!


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