Plans for the week

This is the start of my holiday week (and a day) so naturally I’ve been doing very little today in celebration. There are a few plans for the time away from work. I do have quite a few boring tasks to do, and that’s even before I go into the realms of spring-cleaning. Today I managed to post my passport renewal stuff at last. I hope I’ve allowed enough time for them to send the photograph back at least once, and maybe twice. This is just one small aspect of my preparations to go to Finland in June. The rest consists of making bookings with an unfeasibly large number of different railway, hotel and ferry companies, obtaining new luggage which will not cause permanent back damage as I carry it all over Europe, searching for (and I hope finding) something dramatic to wear as I deliver a paper at a conference to distract the audience’s attention from any shortcomings in the paper, getting a new digital camera so that I don’t have to rely too much on the extremely short-lived battery in my mobile phone, and probably getting a Kindle Fire with my March royalties because my netbook, purchased originally for its lightness, is now also too heavy to cart around Europe.

I’m hoping to get on with my work in progress, the latest in the ‘Quest’ series, during the week too, and also go to IKEA, always a major expedition comparable to being lost in the jungle and sometimes in the past, when we had our Labrador, resulting in the car being filled with exotic stuffed animals on the way home. She liked to carry them about and present them to anyone who came into the house.

Weather permitting, I will also venture into the garden and try to salvage wallflowers from the wreckage left by one of the cats. I’ve never known a cat to dig quite so enthusiastically, and of course the worry is, as I think I’ve mentioned before, that he will destabilise one of our trees with this particular hole.

The words ‘de-cluttering’ and ‘spring cleaning’ have also crossed my mind, but if I succeed in filling up my time with other activities, that will be as far as it goes.

Jacques the cat

Jacques looks harmless and innocent

hole in garden

Here’s what he’s been doing to the garden.



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