Seeing clearly now the rain has gone (for now)

This has been a dim, dull, dark week in Edinburgh. Not because of dust or anything else from the Sahara, I hasten to add. Our temperatures have probably been closer to those at the North Pole, but we have been blanketed in varying amounts of mist, sometimes augmented by rain. In fact as soon as I wrote the heading to this post the rain started up again. But for now the mist has dispersed enough for us to be able to see the Pentland Hills from our house.

Rain on window

The view from a window in the rain

As far as seeing clearly goes, I have a clear plan for the next month, which is to write 30,000 words of ‘The Coronation Quest’, the next novel in one of my mystery series. At this point I’m cautiously optimistic as I have written just over 6,000 words and managed to get the characters out of a storm which threatened to overshadow the plot. I didn’t actually start writing with the words ‘It was a dark and stormy night’ but that was the scenario.

I’ve also managed to get some of the small tasks mentioned last week out of the way so that I can focus on the larger, more important ones, although naturally new smaller, even more annoying things keep cropping up anyway. In fact when I’m at work that kind of thing comes along in almost every email. I have a strategy for dealing with these tasks, whereby if they are really simple and will take less than 5 minutes to do, I do them right away before I forget, but if there’s anything at all complex about them I write back and give the email sender an indication of when I might be able to fit them into my packed schedule. Of course they do sometimes turn out to be more complex than I think they’ll be. What I really hate are the phone calls. In the age of email, I immediately write off anyone who phones as an attention-seeker, someone who thinks their particular requirements are more urgent than anyone else’s. Maybe this is unfair [shrugs; thinks ‘Whatever’].


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