Stately Edwardians

Ideally I would write a novella set in Edwardian times in a stately fashion, considering each word carefully and progressing through the story in a series of logical steps, pausing only for Earl Grey tea and cucumber sandwiches with the crusts removed. This is the second time I haven’t managed to do it quite in that way. Instead I’ve almost bumped into a self-imposed deadline for finishing the novella in time to embark on the third novel in my 1950s series at the start of April.

beach at Culross

Beach at Culross, Fife

Now I have to choose whether to rush on and get the first draft of the Edwardian thing finished before the end of this month or to leave it for later. At the moment I’m leaning towards trying to get it finished quickly. It will probably require a good bit of editing anyway as I hadn’t quite completed my research for it before I started writing. Fortunately by a quirk of the calendar there are 2 more weekends left in March, if I count this one despite it almost having to be written off in theatrical pursuits.

The trouble with ‘later’ is that, as far as I can tell, this is going to turn out to be one of those years. It has already got off to a bad start with the very demanding work project mentioned previously, and only last week I found a rather vague idea for a paper I submitted for a conference in Finland has been accepted, which means I will have to sit down and write the paper at some point – needless to say I hadn’t thought this through, having focussed on the idea of a free trip to Finland and not so much on the content of the paper.

It seems also that another of those random insane work projects is about to take off as soon as we have finished the current one, if not sooner. There have been so many of these in recent years that I now have a folder labelled ‘Random Insane Projects’ at the back of my desk. It’s almost as if someone is deliberately trying to stop me from cutting back on my working hours as I have been planning to do. Perhaps it’s the same person who once left a review on one of my novels pleading with me never to write any more!


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