‘Tis the season

I hadn’t really seen it like this before, but I think the approach of spring has made me think strategically in all sorts of ways. Only the other day I was showing off my writing plan for the year on one of my other blogs, and now I’m thinking strategically about de-cluttering.

Regular readers of this blog will probably be aware that thinking about de-cluttering, or indeed about anything to do with housework, gardening or anything domestic is about as close as I usually get to actually doing it. And in fact my plan for the weekend only goes as far as thinking. The idea of employing someone else to de-clutter on my behalf crossed my mind fleetingly a few months ago. When I first thought of it there were a few problems with this. It was autumn and I know from previous experience that if I disturb dust in the autumn it sets off my asthma, and also autumn is also the season of giant spiders which, like the dust, are best left undisturbed. Oddly enough, I realised some time ago that giant spiders are welcome (more or less) to set up house under the furniture or in deep dark corners of my living-room, as long as I don’t ever see them.


I add to the clutter with new props from Amazon

Sometimes I read books about organising your house – yes, I do even own a few books like this – and they mention that people have a sentimental attachment to their clutter, but it isn’t quite like that in my case. It’s more that recently acquired things form a new archaeological layer on top of existing things that weren’t properly organised, so it’s hard to find the things you really want without burrowing down through the layers like a rabbit – or like one of our cats, who has been working intermittently on making another large hole behind a tree in the garden for no apparent reason.

I think my current focus on de-cluttering may be partly because I have a sense that my brain is also much too cluttered because of an extremely tiresome project going on at work, as well as a complicated local community thing I’m involved with, our latest theatre group show and of course my writing, which I really want to place at the front of my mind but which is sometimes relegated to the sidelines. I would quite like to send one of these things off, kick it into touch, or other sporting metaphor.

Anyway, it’s a lovely Saturday morning here, I am going to the theatre (in the audience for once) this afternoon, and the de-cluttering of house and mind are still distant prospects! Thanks to everyone who has bought either ‘A Tasteful Crime’ or ‘Off the KUF Volume 3’ so far, and I hope people are enjoying one or both.


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