Another weekend, another book launch…

Thanks to anyone who has already purchased ‘A Tasteful Crime’. I have been pleasantly surprised by its progress so far. By a complete coincidence my novella ‘Adventure on the Scotch Express’ will be published tomorrow (23rd February) in an anthology called ‘Off the KUF Volume 3’. This is a very varied compilation containing 6 novellas in all, by different writers.



When I say it’s a complete coincidence, it isn’t really all that surprising. I was writing the first draft of ‘Scotch Express’ right up to the end of October last year, and I started on the first draft of ‘Tasteful’ on the 1st of November, so they were both written, edited and prepared for publication in roughly the same space of time. If I had been better at planning things in advance, I might not have chosen to do it this way.

I wish I could say that my experience of coming close to writing burn-out had taught me a lesson, but needless to say it hasn’t, and the document I fondly imagine to be my writing schedule for 2014 is proof of that. After spending most of January wrestling with edits, I’ve now embarked on another novella which is a prequel to ‘Scotch Express’, and which I decided when creating my schedule would fill in the time nicely before I was ready to start on the next novel in the ‘Quest’ series (in the spring). I realise I’m just piling the pressure on myself. The real question is, I suppose, do I actually work better like this?

It’s interesting too that as my writing develops, at least in terms of quantity, the other things in my life assume less and less importance, and my everyday facade of calm that other people have often commented on, becomes more and more real when I’m at work, at my theatre group or on committees. This is not a sign that I’ve acquired a zen-like acceptance of whatever life throws at me, but that I don’t care very much about any of these other things as long as I can retreat to my conservatory for a few hours every so often and be alone with the characters in my head! Though this be madness, yet there is method in ‘t.




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