Projects and decisions

Sometimes I can trundle along for months – or even years – without really making any decisions. This applies of course only to major decisions, and not to these annoying day-to-day occasions when I can’t make up my mind whether to wear two jumpers or not, or which of several kinds of cat food to buy in Tesco’s. I suppose in some circumstances the decision about the jumpers could be life-changing – if we had a sudden cold snap and the car broke down in a blizzard, for instance. But at least at the time when I’m making these decisions they don’t seem important.

tram stop

New tram stop at Balgreen

At the moment I have a writing decision and a life decision to make. Actually in both cases these are good things. In the case of the writing one, I need to make up my mind quite quickly which of two projects to work on next. I had intended the next thing I wrote to be a novella (about 20,000 words) I’ve had in mind for a while, which is a prequel to my soon-to-be-published ‘Adventure on the Scotch Express’. However the edits on my latest mystery novel (see end of post) have taken somewhat  longer than I hoped they would, and ideally I should still do a bit more research before writing the novella. This wouldn’t really matter except that I want to get on with research for the 3rd  novel in my ‘Quest’ series which I plan to start writing in April.

Now that I’ve written down my dilemma, it seems clear to me that I should start writing the novella as soon as possible and catch up with any extra research as I go along. I’ve got to the point where I have almost run out of readily available research resources, so I might as well go ahead with it. With historical writing there is always a danger of using research as a procrastination device, and I think I’m definitely getting to that point now. I’ve even visited the site of a former station of which there is no trace left (see picture above) just to get a feeling for where it was, although in fact it is about a mile from my house and I knew that all along!

My other decision concerns cutting back on my hours at work to give myself more time to write / do housework (ha ha) / go and see the Lego movie etc. I’ve already decided I’ll do this so the only part left is to work out exactly how many hours I can afford to cut back on. I’m sure you will be able to read more later about all this. I’m almost sure it will not make me write more or faster!

I almost forgot. ‘A Tasteful Crime’ out today, available from Amazon, Smashwords and soon from other ebook retailers:


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