Is the worst over? Hmmm…

Well, last week at work was just about as fraught as I imagined it would be, but at least it’s over now. By Friday morning, when I went into my 7th meeting of the week, I felt so cross with everybody that I wanted to snap and bite. To some extent I gave into this wish. With a bit of luck I won’t be invited back to further meetings in the series! The problem now is that I seem to be in the frame of mind where I expect my working hours to be filled with stressful meetings, so I’m already not looking forward to March, the calendar for which seems to have already populated itself with appointments of one kind and another. I may have to retreat into reading for a while.


An ‘Unshelfie’

(of course I now read on my Kindle but it doesn’t mean I don’t still have enough paper books about to stock a small book-shop)

I would very much have liked to spend this weekend immersed in editing as I don’t have very much more to do to make ‘A Tasteful Crime’ fit to be seen, but that tentative plan has been derailed by other activities, such as going out to the theatre and attending a meeting to do with our own next dramatic production. However, one thing I have learned over the years is that there is always time to fit things in if you really want to do them. Another thing I’ve learned more recently is that running out of animal sticky-notes is no excuse for pausing in mid-edit. So armed with some new matchbook style sticky-notes and using small slivers of time to the utmost, I hope to get to the end of this editing sweep some time today, and still to be on track to publish in February.

Talking of being on track reminds me that my novella ‘Adventure on the Scotch Express’ is also due to be published some time this month as part of ‘Off the KUF Volume 3’ – link to be provided in due course. I have already started researching for a prequel ‘Adventure at the National Exhibition’ but, looking at my grand writing plan for 2014, I am now slightly worried this will collide with some planned research for the next novel in the ‘Quest’ series.

I was hovering on the brink of a panic attack about all this when I suddenly remembered, as I was writing the above paragraph, that an important part of my plans for 2014 is that I will cut down the amount of time I spend at work, something that should give me more time to write and research and also help to mitigate the effects of the workplace stress mentioned at the start of this post.  So as the dazzling light from the morning sun washes into the conservatory it brings with it a rare feeling of peace and relaxation…


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