A plan for the weekend

Regular readers of this blog will know that I don’t usually have much of a plan for the weekend. Sometimes I have a list of mundane tasks looming over me – reduce our plastic bottle mountain by taking a few bags to the recycling place; clean the soap-dish; re-fill the cat litter. Occasionally I have something definite to do such as meeting friends for lunch, which happened last Saturday and which was very enjoyable. More often I think vaguely about things I could do but then don’t do, such as going for a swim or to the Zoo, which is only about ten minutes’ walk from our front door.

Sunrise, Edinburgh

Sunrise, Edinburgh

This weekend, however, I have a definite writing goal. I plan to complete this round of edits on ‘A Tasteful Crime’ (Pitkirtly VII) and get to the point where it is worthwhile ordering a printed copy of it for proof-reading. In order to do this I will have to get rid of all the sections that are either surrounded by asterisks – usually where I’ve forgotten someone’s name – or highlighted in bold. Not just by deleting them, I hasten to add, but by filling in any gaps and actually checking in other books in the series to find out who the extra policeman was or whether I’ve ever mentioned the head of the local council before. I could really do with writing an extra 2,000 or so words, but I am hoping if I solve everything else it will become obvious where the extra words should fit.

I will of course have to keep interrupting myself to let the cats in and out, or, more accurately, to jump up and open the door while one of them sits on the mat and stares out morosely at the rain before turning away and going back to bed. But it definitely seems that the weather will co-operate with me, in the sense that it will be too wet to go out and distract myself by visiting some sites I plan to use in the novella that is waiting to be written. Of course the weather won’t stop me from straying on to relevant websites, or adding to my Pinterest board which started as a suffragette tribute and which has now acquired a more general Edwardian theme (see http://www.pinterest.com/sheilamcperry/suffragettes-and-edwardian-times/ for some hints about my impending novella mini-series). I have no doubt  that as soon as I have to start writing the second novella in the series my thoughts will turn back to the Pitkirtly mysteries, as they always do in the end.


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