Last day of freedom?

Tomorrow I will once again find myself trapped in the world of work. However, this doesn’t exactly strike fear into me, because I’ve been practising this past week by not going out of the house very much, so essentially I’ve more or less trapped myself indoors slaving over a computer just as I usually do at work. Not going out of the house has had some extremely beneficial side-effects so I don’t entirely regret spending part of my holidays like that.

I’ve often thought people should go into hibernation, at least for the month of December and probably for part of January too. Six weeks might be enough. On this occasion the wet weather hasn’t really tempted me to go out, and I’ve had a horrible cold since New Year’s Day, which is very boring. When I say I haven’t been out very much, I mean I’ve only ventured outside if there has been a really good reason for it. Going out to lunch with friends a couple of times was one good reason, and taking the family to see ‘White Christmas’ (the live stage show) was another. I particularly admired the sets, but the musical numbers were very well done too. Noticing the sets is a sort of occupational hazard for me. It’s even worse if there are lots of props or very complicated props. I can’t help thinking about the teams of people rushing around back-stage to put them all in place.


Sunset 4th January

As far as the beneficial side-effects of not going out are concerned, don’t worry: I haven’t cleaned the house from top to bottom. I haven’t even succeeded in disposing of our recycling mountain – if you’re really interested in this you can read all about it on my other blog (link at right, it’s the Sheila Perry Predicts Scotland’s Future one) which takes the form of a rant directed at my local council.

Among things I’ve accomplished during my virtual house-arrest is to tick off a couple of items on my ‘to-do’ list that have been at the back of my mind for months, one of which is my online tax return. As usual it had been looming over me for months, and also as usual, I got it done in a couple of hours, including the time  it took to go through a year’s worth of online bank statements checking that one of the totals that had been automatically worked out by the tax people was accurate. This is an excellent example of what I could achieve by being more organised, as I have actually managed to keep all the relevant documents etc in a box which I keep near me in case it disappears under the general chaos. Of course if I were even more organised I would scan them all in too, but one step at a time. Once I’ve sorted the rest of my life into boxes I will consider further measures.

In addition I’ve completed the first draft of ‘A Tasteful Crime’ which I am guilty of leaving at the end of NaNoWriMo with three chapters still to write, although I did finish with a list of the chapter headings and a sentence for each of them summarising what I thought should happen. In most cases these have proved fairly accurate predictions. I started the first proper edit yesterday. Sadly this will mean, among other things, filling in the blanks where I couldn’t remember the name I gave somebody in a previous novel in the series, or where I didn’t want to deal with a tricky issue as I went along.

There have also been several writing-related tasks too boring to mention, and one really exciting piece of reading which I will say more about later.


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