Compliments of the season

Best wishes for the 2013 festive season to everyone reading this, whether they are celebrating Christmas, the winter solstice, something else or nothing at all.

In the spirit of the season I’ve arranged some small giveaways.

First of all, for those of you who haven’t already read my long short story‘Blackberry Crumble’ in ‘Off the KUF Volume 1’, you can now download it on its own for free from here if you wish:  (available in several formats). It will also appear on Kobo, B&N, Sony and Apple as a free download in due course.


Blackberry Crumble cover

Blackberry Crumble cover

Of course I do strongly recommend the full ‘Off the KUF’ anthologies (volumes 1 and 2 now out on Amazon) too! They’re full of excellent stories and great for reading on the bus.

 Secondly, I have just made a children’s story ‘Scary Scotland 1 Ghosts of Cammo’ (author: Sheila Perry) available for Kindle. It is due to be free from the 25th of December for 5 days, so go and have a look at it if you have any bored 8-11 year olds around. It is a fairly short fantasy/adventure novel in 6 chapters, the first in a series with settings in and around Edinburgh. Adults are welcome to read it too, but be aware it is meant for children!

Amazon UK link:

In the next few days I’ll also have three signed special edition paperbacks to give away as well as a handful of Smashwords download coupon codes, ideal for anyone who hasn’t yet sampled one of the Pitkirtly mysteries or who would like to suggest them to a friend. Come back here or look at the Cecilia Peartree Facebook page for more information.



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