Layer upon layer

As usual, I didn’t de-clutter the house and give it a badly-needed deep clean during my week’s holiday. If anything, the opposite happened. I just added new layers to the clutter (see picture). There are now half-finished puppets sitting on top of my bag of half-scanned family photographs, and very nearly the last straw is that I ‘rescued’ four plants today from the remains of our local youth and community centre and brought them home for some of what passes for TLC around here. Which reminds me that I also need to find room in the conservatory for three large geraniums that are currently outside. This year I’m determined to bring them in before the snow comes. Two of the cats have now given their customary early warning of snow – i.e. they stood at the open door for some time, sniffing the air and refusing to go out.

Making puppets

Making puppets

Somehow I’ve filled my time much too easily. There’s NaNoWriMo, of course – I’ve reached 30,000 words so I am on track with my planned 2,000 words a day. Apart from that it isn’t going according to plan at all but I can’t divulge any details yet. Then there is extra stuff to do with the local committee I’m on. If there was a plan involved there, we would have had to tear it up and throw it out of the window by now. Then there are the pantomime props. I rashly volunteered to make Punch and Judy puppets as my main contribution – but honestly, what on earth was I thinking?! This task has turned out to be about 10 times more difficult than expected, and about 100 times more time-consuming.

I feel as if I should feel some sense of achievement at the end of the week, but because nothing is finished yet, I don’t. The puppets are probably the least of my worries. Once they’re complete and I’ve taken them to the theatre group, I should be able to forget about them, tidy away the remaining puppet-making stuff and forget all about them. However I know that even if I manage to force myself to complete this draft of my novel, I will still have to go back to it again and again to iron out the inconsistencies, try to get the plot to make sense and then to proof-read and publish it. I already know there are inconsistencies, but I don’t have time to go back and sort them out just now – that’s the beauty of NaNoWriMo! Actually I don’t mean that in a bad way – it is very good for me just to carry on writing regardless. I’m going to do some more now…


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