In transition

Although autumn is quite definitely here, with a sort of foretelling of winter in the air too, this still feels like a time of transition. But then, I suppose that could be the case at almost any season of the year. What characterises it is a kind of restlessness, and waiting for the next thing to happen. In writing terms, my notebooks are full of half-finished plans, editing notes for my current novel and the very scrappy beginnings of the next one. My mind has my current novel at the forefront (or so I like to think), but jostling for position are ideas for a novella that is trying to slot itself in between the publication of this novel and the start of NaNoWriMo, and the first glimmerings of an idea for a scenario for the novel I plan to write in November.


Writing notebooks

Similarly, we are in between theatre group shows, with preparations for the next one now under way and with the annual pantomime looming ahead like a hideous giant blocking the way to Christmas. Actually it isn’t so much blocking the way as bestriding Christmas, with one colossal foot planted on either side of it ready to kick out at any sign of rebellion.

At work I am hovering on the brink of not being able to manage a full week any more – I keep asking myself what happened to the dream we had when I was much younger about people sharing out the work so that everyone worked less and nobody was unemployed? It seems to have come out the other way round, by some horrible twist of fate.

On that note, I had better return to the next round of edits. After a spell of making sure the plot made sense, and doing some odd bits of research I didn’t have time for earlier (thank goodness I did this – thanks to Wikipedia I discovered that the hero and heroine were standing on a bridge that didn’t even exist in 1952), I’ve now increased the font size hugely so that I can look for odd symbols that seem to pop into first drafts, particularly when you’re writing in the dark as I was the other evening. The next step will be to send for a printed copy and bring out the pink post-its again to mark the remaining glitches.


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