Is this really a wet weekend?

I feel cheated by the weather – not for the first time of course, though not quite in the same way as usual. I was prepared for a very wet weekend when I would be trapped in the house by the elements, writing away like mad and completing all sorts of important domestic tasks. Friday evening was very promising – it rained so hard for a while that I didn’t even want to go out to the car to fetch in the shopping, and the cats just sat in the doorway for ages, aghast at the idea of getting wet fur.

Today we’ve got an impossibly blue sky, dazzlingly bright sunshine and ridiculously picturesque dappled light on the gently undulating trees in the garden*. Two young foxes were lured into our garden the other morning, perhaps imagining it was wild woodland – an easy mistake to make!

Wild woodland garden

Wild woodland garden

In spite of all that, this morning I triumphantly wrote ‘THE END’ at the end of my first draft of ‘The Four Seasons Quest’. Some of the characters are very lucky to have survived this novel, and some obviously didn’t, as it started with two deaths and ended with a rail disaster.  I already know this novel will need a lot of editing. There are notes to myself both at the start and at the end of it about radical plot changes, and a lot of asterisks in the middle where I’ve forgotten people’s names, or can’t make up my mind about how to break a terrible piece of news, or should have done more research beforehand about what ambulances looked like in the 1950s. But that’s for another day – I will have to leave it for a while before I start editing.

In the meantime someone else has kindly edited the (long) short story I’m contributing to an anthology. This is actually the first time I’ve written something that has had a beta reader and an editor before I publish it. I was slightly wary about the experience but it has been terrific, and I am very much more pleased with the story now than when I first drafted it.

*PS I spoke too soon – I can now see a big grey rain-cloud approaching from the direction of the North Sea! I may ‘have’ to stay in and start my winter scene jigsaw puzzle after all.


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