Achieving an empty shelf

What with one thing and another – mainly the horrible cold I mentioned in my previous post – I haven’t got quite as much done as I meant to do in this week’s holiday. I did drag myself to both Book Festival events but only because I was absolutely determined to get to the second one, which featured a writer who was once in the loose-knit writing group I loosely belong to. After that I more or less collapsed in a heap, where ‘heap’ is defined as sitting at the table in the conservatory glued to my computer – until a spider chased me away from there and back to my official desk, from which I had been driven in the first place by extreme clutter.

I did have quite a few plans to exterminate clutter, or at least to cause it irreversible collateral damage, this week but today, Friday, I’ve only managed to achieve an empty shelf.

empty shelf

The empty shelf

Naturally it won’t stay empty for long, and in fact I have it reserved for a set of encyclopaedias inherited from someone else in the family and currently sitting in a box on the conservatory floor. The process of getting to the empty shelf was so long and hard, involving the removal of a cardboard box containing old photographs, music exam certificates etc which I suspected also contained a large spider (I was right) and which I therefore had to take out into the garden to empty in easy stages, that I haven’t yet had the energy to put the books on it.

Retrieving the photographs and certificates from the box is part of a long-awaited project, as most of my projects are, to try and sort out my old photographs and memorabilia as part of an even longer-awaited family history scrapbook project. But don’t hold your breath!

Fortunately having a cold hasn’t stopped me from driving my work in progress, ‘The Four Seasons Quest’ inexorably towards its conclusion, even though that conclusion will now be somewhat different from the one I had in mind earlier. There’s something about concentrating on a piece of writing that does that to you.


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